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In this series Shaykh Ubaidullah Faizi will be explaining Ahadeeth from Sahih Al-Bukhari. This series is next to Dars-e-Quran and comes daily on the Channel. Apart from normal explanation Shaykh goes deep into explaining the Ahadeeth making it easy for the viewers to understand the sayings of the Prophet(saw).

Ulema Ki mehfil

Addressing the social issues and problems in the society to the Scholars of the Deen. In this program group of scholars from various parts of India will get together and discuss the social issues petaining to society and will give solution to the problems under the light of Quran and Sunnah.

Ek Ayat par Ghaur

In this short program Muhammad Kazim will deliever explanation on different Ayath of Quran. This program comes daily as with explanation of different Ayath and would urge the viewers to ponder on those Ayath.


In this program Eminent Scholars and student of Islamic studies will deliever short lectures on different topics. This program aims at developing the quality of introspetion in the viewers. This program basically covers the topics related to self improvement and developing Taqwa of Allah.


Understanding Quran and reflecting on it according to the Seerah of Prophet(saw) is essential matter in the Deen. In this program Muhammad Kazim takes you through the different situations in the life of the Noble Prophet(saw). You would come to know the life of the greatest human to ever walk on this face of the earth.

Ruju Margam

This program aims at addressing viewers who are telugu speaking. Renowed Scholars and students of knowledge will address different issues and lectures on various topics. This program comes daily on the channel.


What would be better in speech than the speech of Allah. In this program different Qurra from India will recite the book of Allah. This program comes daily in the morning and evening.